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Do you want an original and exclusive piece to make every room unique and every moment special?


The creative laboratory is a place where innovative decor accessories are designed, created and customized to renew your house, shop or hotel.


The artist's creativity gives shape to artistic pieces, whose design refuses the logic of mass production and the flattering of tastes and where tradition and innovation, natural beauty, knowledge and craft melt in a very original way.


The atmosphere you breathe in this virtual show-room is that of a sparkling creativity, where uniformity is replaced by imagination, inspiration and creative experience in all its endless perfomances.


In this way simple materials are the inspiration to realize artistic and home décor accessories, always unique pieces, result of a careful study of the image they represent.


These pieces want to draw the attention, being a reference in the room where they are integrated, while matching up with the furniture in the room, harmonizing everything around them.


Creativity and originality, elegance and beauty, simple practicality are the characteristics you will find in every work.


Each piece is entirely handmade and decorated, and this makes every piece unique. Any possible small imperfection in pieces shows they are really handcrafted, expression of value and artistic quality.


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Dissemination and the reproduction of the goods without authorization is strictly prohibited. Photos in this site are property of Samantha Lucchini. All products on this site are handcrafted. No part and products of this site may be reproduced in any form without written permission: selling on E-bay is prohibited.


In any case, all of the work are protected by law 633 in copyright protection.



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